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We have a 5 star rating on YELP.

See below what some of our clients are saying about us:

Elizabeth Chavez: Really enjoyed work with Addy! He spent a lot of time with me and the kiddos. It was a fun day and the results were wonderful! He is great with kids. I highly recommend!

Samantha Rescino: Super fun duo who take their time with the photo shoot. They both have their unique approach and they blend together nicely. They both are very well with kids too!

Savan & Priya: Amazing experience. Thank you for squeezing us in. Our photos are beautiful

Erin Sevilla: Addy and Raj were great to work with totally professional the whole time. Its nice to work with two different perspectives. Very friendly and open to any ideas which makes everything a lot more comfortable. They were very easy to work with and throughout the shoot. They were encouraging and gave me confidence and pointer throughout the day. Plus we went to an awesome location and I ended up just having a great day with them.! It was a great experience and the pictures came out great. Professional, magazine worthy photos. They captured the beauty of nature and the essence my figure brought to it. The photos were so natural and it was like i was glowing in every picture. Very natural, real, candid photos came out of our shoot and I'm stoked on how amazing they captured me.! Thanks so much Addy & Raj.!!!!

Devina Hart: Very professional to work with and they come with great ideas for your pictures. Highly recommend this duo!

Megan McLeary: I had an absolutely amazing experience with V/A Photography :) it's hard to find understanding photographers and photographers that you can be comfortable with, but with V/A photography I felt like I was talking to a friend :) Addy was totally understanding and such a great help! I definitely recommend them to EVERYONE :) I will definitely be doing more shoots with them! :)

Suzanne:  They recently did a photo shoot with my 16-year-old daughter. I could not be there and was worried. It turns out I had nothing to worry about!!! They were very professional, made my daughter feel super comfortable, and my daughter had a blast shooting with them. The photos are gorgeous and I would recommend them to anybody. They are amazing photographers. Best, Suzanne

Ruthie Aideyan: Had such a fun time working with these two! Very professional and also friendly, made everyone on set feel comfortable and brought out the creativity at the shoot. Can't wait to see the finished shots. Would definitely recommend :)

Niveeta Sharma: Great experience with these photographers. They make you feel comfortable in any situation. The pictures turned out awesome, to say the least. I want to point out that their editing is great and they pay attention to every detail. Looking forward to working with them in the future.

Katy So: It was a great time to work with V/A team! I had a wonderful experience to photoshoot with professionals and got a bunch of amazing pics! Thank you, V/A!

Ebone Brown:  You guys were super fun to work with. Very down to earth and easy-going! Definitely two of my favorite photographers in the bay area. They kept it fun and very professional.

Dana:  Had a great time working with Adit. He's super fun and chill to work with while still being professional. I love all my pictures :)

Nicole Downing: I recently did a Beach photoshoot with Addy and Raj. They were great photographers! Very easy, fun, and professional to work with. I highly recommend them to anyone. I plan to do more shoots with them in the near future.

Natasha: They are full of talent! Super proud of Adit and his partner! Great work!

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